Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reading eBooks Vs. Print

I used to always buy books in print, holding my favorite authors new release in my hands was the one experience I always looked forward to. On new release dayI would rush out to the book store and load up on new books, making my credit card and sometimes my hubby scream.

Then in 2003 I discovered eBooks, books on demand and I was hooked. It's 11:30 pm and I want something new to read, I can just hop online and in minutes have the books I'm looking for. Originally I bought books electronically to get the hotter more erotic novels not offered in Print formats, but now I find that I am buying almost all my books online. Case in point, I discovered Karen Rose through the reading challenges I signed up for this year, so instead of running to the local book store I fired up the laptop. A few clicks, my CC number and a mobipocket download and I had DIE FOR ME. I was reading and enjoying this new author in under 10 minutes. Ultimately I ended up buying all her books, but Kill for Me in eBook.

So when did it all change, when did I move from loving Print books to becoming an eBook addict? I hope to get my Print Book mojo back, but I think I may need to join a 12 Step Program to break my eBook habit first.


  1. LOL, well it's easier right? and then, instant gratification. That often wins :) That's another reason why I haven't made the transition yet :P

  2. Yeah well it's fast and easy, but it is expensive too. :)

  3. I think it's great, saves paper, that's for sure. I still like print books, though. I always have one in my purse or in the car and since I'm always on the go, I like that. Yes, I can get the portable readers but I don't have one as of yet. lol