Tuesday, February 3, 2009

January Reading Recap

Between Ebooks and Paperbacks I managed to read 31 books this month.

Here's how it breaks down:
11 Print novels
9 Ebooks
11 Ebooks that I own in Print
1 Author on my list was new to me "Karen Rose"
12 were Re~Read's for me (I blame Nath's Challenge and NJ Walters) :)
19 were from my TBR
6 rated 7 out of 10
1 rated 7.5 out of 10
5 rated 8 out of 10
18 rated 9 out of 10
1 Perfect 10 for WOVEN DREAMS by NJ Walters

So not too bad for the first month of the year. Thanks to two great challenges I re~read some great books and discovered some treasures in my TBR.
Last but not least here's the books with their ratings.

Enlightening Lucinda M.A.Ellis 7.5
Mating Run Tielle St Clare 8
Die For Me Karen Rose 9
The Daddy Dilemma Karen Rose Smith 8
The Daddy Plan Karen Rose Smith 9
Fall Into Me Linda Winfree 9
Don't Tell Karen Rose 9
Have You Seen Her? Karen Rose 9
I'll Be Watching You Karen Rose 9
Nothing to Fear Karen Rose 9
You Can't Hide Karen Rose 9
Count to Ten Karen Rose 9
Scream for Me Karen Rose 9
Hypnotica Kimberly Dean 7
Tapestry Dreams NJ Walters 9
Woven Dreams NJ Walters 10
Christina's Tapestry NJ Walters 9
Craving Candy NJ Walters 9
Capturing Carly NJ Walters 9
Jackson's Jewel NJ Walters 9
Rough, Raw, and Ready Lorelei James 9
Burn Anne Rainey 9
Tandem Elizabeth Donald 7
Bakra Bride NJ Walters 9
Unexpected Mr. Right Kelley Nyrae 8
Saint Jillian's Rebel Eve Jameson 7
Off the Deep End Anna J. Evans 8
Water Lust Mary Winter 7
Wicked Delicious Anna J. Evans 7
Thunderfire Lynne Connolly 8
Harm's Hunger Patrice Michelle 7

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