Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TBR Challenge March 2009

Well it’s that time again! I had a great time looking through my TBR to find a title that was both Historical and a Mystery. I did however realize two things; I have way too many TBR books and Historical mysteries are not that plentiful, at least in my collection of books.

I went to an auto buy author for me for this review. I had purchased Lynne Connolly’s SEDUCTIVE SECRETS when it first came out and it languished in my TBR, I even bought the second and third books of the trilogy and still they sat waiting for me to read them. What I was waiting for I have no idea, but then of course I got to read all three at once.

When I think of Historical Novels I think of Lynne Connolly, she’s written some wonderful tales that push the boundaries of the historical genre, she make the reader think and shows that while times may have been different then, some of today’s stereotypes still apply.

To survive, she’ll have to trust him with all her secrets.

The Secrets Trilogy book 1

Nick is back.

After eight years of facing public scandal and private humiliation with her head held high, Isobel’s courage fails when the man she never stopped loving returns and asks her to marry him. Once he discovers her secret, he won’t visit her bed more than once. And she can’t bear his rejection.

Nicholas, Marquis of Cardington, is confident he can cope with the baggage Isobel carries from her first marriage. It doesn’t matter that the beautiful widow once left him to elope with another man. After all, he was partly to blame for that disaster. All that matters is he has always loved her, and now she’s free to accept his proposal.

Only on their wedding night does Nick learn the terrible secret Isobel has harbored for eight long years. To win his wife’s trust will take every ounce of tenderness he possesses - when what he really wants is to show her the passion he saved for her and her alone.

But just as Isobel begins to believe her heart is safe with Nick, the blackmailers who drove her first husband to suicide reappear. And they want their pound of flesh.

Isobel must finally trust Nick will all her secrets—and her life—or their enemies will destroy them both.

Scandals and Secrets are two things Isobel and Nick are not strangers too. Years before Isobel abandoned Nick the day before they were to wed. It was her fears and his utter devotion to her that drove Isobel into the arms of her now late husband Harry. What at the time seemed like an escape quickly became a living hell for Isobel and even though Harry is gone she is still haunted by their life together and a secret she is sure would destroy any chance she has at happiness with Nick.

From the opening pages the readers are granted glimpses at the motives and the realities that Nick and Isobel lived with and suffered through during the years they were apart. Its fear of rejection that prevents Isobel from telling Nick of the horrors of her marriage and its his love for her that has Nick hiding the real reason he wants Isobel for his wife. Both of these string characters immediately show us a vulnerability that makes them likable. Sitting back as Isobel’s secret is revealed was as painful for me as it was for Nick.

These passages evoked strong emotions in me and had me wanting their love to conquer all. A stellar cast of characters made this novel sing. I love to be sucked into the story I'm reading and Lynne never fails to draw me in. True love, mixed with danger and intrigue, add a splash of hot sex and Lynne Connolly's knack for story telling and you have a winner.

I loved Nick, he is one of those romance heroes you never forget and Isobel is strength personified. Seductive Secrets was a great series starter and I devoured it great big greedy bites. The only downside was that it had to end.

A very satisfying read that will have me reading Lynne Connolly's books for years to come.

8 out of 10


  1. I really need to read her work. Thanks.


  2. I really think you'll enjoy it, Her tales are unconventional in a lot of ways, yet they fit the historical mold perfectly.

    Last Chance, My Love was the first Hstorical I ever read of hers and it the book that made me fall in love with ger novels and had me putting Lynne on my Auto Buy list.