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TBR ~ Challenge January 2009

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Title: The Daddy Dilemma

Series: Dad's In Progress

Author: Karen Rose Smith

Blurb: Could he be her little boy?

Six years ago, Sara Hobart helped a childless couple create their own miracle. Now she needed one of her own. All her instincts were telling her she was Kyle Barclay's birth mother. Only one thing stood in her way: Kyle's widowed father.

Ever since his wife had died, Nathan had tried to be the best parent he could to five-year-old Kyle. Then this sensual stranger showed up. Legally, Sara had no claim on his son. But how could he keep her from the little boy who already adored her? That went double for Nathan, who was suddenly yearning to go from single dad to devoted family man....

Oddly enough I read the last book of this series first, and I have had this title along with THE DADDY PLAN waiting for me to read them for almost a year. I'll admit I'm a sucker for a single Dad who is making it on his own, who's devoted to his son and doesn't need a woman to complete his life. So many times we sing the praises of single Mom's, and rightfully so, and forget about the single Dad's out there who have to do it all as well.

Nathan is such a Dad, he isn't raising his son alone by choice, but raising him he is. He's made sacrifices and chosen to move away from the corporate life he built to a quieter and slower paced life in his home town. Imagine his surprise when Sara appears on his doorstep with her sad tale of pain and suffering, announcing that she may be in fact Kyle's Biological Mother. As a young woman she gave Nathan and his wife a gift that allowed them to have the child they always wanted, only to lose her ability to be a Mom to an unfortunate accident.

Together they embark on a journey that is rocky at best and an emotional hurricane at worst. Sara wants a chance to know the only child she may every have and Nathan wants to preserve the memory of the woman he loved, the one he lost while she gave birth to Kyle.

Ms. Smith takes two sensitive topics and intertwines them with a tale of love over coming all odds. She never leaves the reader feeling like Nathan and Sara are together just for Kyle, they try to temper their desires for one another by putting Kyle's needs and happiness above their own. I like each of them equally and found their story to be both beautiful and believable. I was more than pleased with this installment of the DADS IN PROGRESS SERIES and although I went into this novel knowing some of the outcome I still enjoyed the ride.

Ms. Smith managed to make me cry and smile in equal measure throughout THE DADDY DILEMMA and it will have me looking forward to even more releases from her in the future.

Keeper?: I will be keeping this novel along with the other two books in this series, they are all quick satisfying reads with complex characters and heartwarming stories that I won't soon forget.

Rating 1 to 10: 8

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  1. I like single dads too!

    I'm trying to remember if I've read any by this author, or if I'm confusing her with another SSE author whose last name is Rose.