Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Have Puppies!!!

I have neglected to share this bit of information, I just had to share some pictures of the dogs. They are just so cute not to share with the world.

Their mother is a Puggle and their father is an Australian Cattle Herder. I wish I could keep all three of them but sadly we will have to give them away.

Try to block out the scarey woman holding the puppies she hadn't had any coffee yet that day.

They never seem to want stay still, but they are so darn sweet.

This is the runt of the Litter, we call her Shanie.

My autistic son loves her so we will probably keep her.

This one is the craziest of the three dogs. You can't see her eyes, but one is Blue and one is Brown.
I took more pictures, but have yet to download them yet. When I do I'll post more.

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