Monday, October 27, 2008

First Post, New Blog

I never though the time would come when I would find myself in a reading rut. I consider myself to be somewhat of an equal opportunity reader. Since no one genre has ever really edged out another when it comes to favorites for me, I'm usually able to find something that interests me, but lately nothing seems to hold my attention.

Not paranormal, not western, not contemporary, not romantic suspense, historical, Etc., Etc. The list sadly goes on and on. So the question is what is a reader to do, what can you do to break free of that rut where nothing satisfies your need to read?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, whether it be tips on breaking out of my rut or maybe an author you think would really spark up my reading dole drums. For now I'm just re-reading some of my favorites in the hopes of getting over the hump.

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